Cartoni Focus 22

Cartoni FOCUS 22 for virtual set

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Cartoni Focus 22 for virtual set

Tecnopoint introduce TP4EE an external customized KIT to apply on an Cartoni MK2.
So the client has not to buy expensive equipment to synchronize the Virtual set movements.
No interferences with the main equipment electronics, the encoders are external and only mechanically connected to the pan, tilt, zoom and focus gears.
The axes resolution is 800.000 points/turn for the pan&tilt. Zoom and focus sensors have 80.000 points/turn and they can mount any lens gear (0,4-0,5-0,6-0,8 size). If the lens has not the gear we can use tooth belts.
Tecnopoint can place high precision encoders practically on any existing camera support.
We can set any protocol output on our electronic interface.

Tecnopoint, simple things, reasonable price, great performance.